Weight Loss Center Tampa FL

Looking for a weight loss center in Tampa FL?   At Central Pasco Weight Loss Center, we treat each patient as if they were our personal friend or family member and help them implement lifestyle and diet changes to improve their health and quality of life.  Our program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of nutritional needs based on your current health, blood test results, physical examination and dietary history.

We offer nutrition counseling, body composition assessment, complete blood panel, EKG, prescription appetite suppressants, Diet Shot with fat burner to increase metabolism, B12 injections, B-complex vitamins and supplements.

As a patient of ours, you will receive monthly follow-up visits to help you stay accountable and on the right path. We promise to provide individual attention at every office visit along with safe and effective monitoring to help you not only lose but, keep the weight off. We will always work with you to set realistic goals for your individual needs.  We will be sure to educate you in such a way that you are able to keep the weight off long-term. We understand the challenges involved with dieting and teach life-long strategies that will help you gain control and maintain focus.

Our medical professionals will work with you to develop a customized weight-loss program tailored to your lifestyle and goals after completing an initial medical evaluation. Within the programs, we may recommend a change in diet, physical activity, supplements, behavior change, and even psychological counseling.  Every plan is customized.

One of the key things we teach is proper nutrition.  This is taught through guiding our patients to use the proper guidelines for creating and maintaining a satisfying healthy diet.  We teach the benefits of preparing healthy well balanced meals through using a variety of foods and creating sustainable eating habits.  We teach the differences between “good” fats, complex carbohydrates and lean protein.  A couple key factors are learning what true portion sizes look like and how to group foods together for maximum benefits.

At our weight loss center in Tampa, FL we strive to meet the needs of all our patients with a mission to improve overall well-being. Call (813) 642-7977 or fill out the contact form to get more information or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you both set and achieve weight loss and healthier living goals.

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Weight Loss Center Land O Lakes

Looking for a weight loss center in Land O Lakes? You have found the right place.  When meeting with new patients, our programs are tailored to their individual medical history, current state of health and goals in relation to their overall health; not just their weight goals.  Our center does not offer a standard treatment plan as you may think. Instead, our medical professionals work with you to develop a customized weight-loss program tailored to your lifestyle and goals. This starts with an initial medical evaluation. The recommended program can include a change in diet, physical activity, supplements, behavior change, and even psychological counseling.

We pride ourselves in being a weight loss center that is dedicated to treating each and every patient as an individual and providing an honest, straightforward, and expert based approach to ensure their satisfaction achieved.

Our center is able to help you lose weight without appetite suppressants. We treat patient with all sorts of medical conditions such as diseases of the heart, blood pressure, diabetes, Thyroid and patients with no physical ailments at all.

Obesity is no way to live and we treat each and every patient as if they were our own family member.  Obesity is proven to be associated with increased morbidity and mortality. If someone is identified as obese, they are at risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, certain cancers, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, thyroid disease, and more. These conditions are managed throughout your involvement in our program to help reduce your body weight and in turn dramatically reduce these risks and change every aspect of your life.  Weight loss is not a program it is a way of life.  At our weight loss center in Land O Lakes, our goal is for you to start living a healthier and happier life. Begin your journey toward the new and improved you by calling (813) 642-7977 today.

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Weight Loss Center Lutz

Central Pasco Weight Loss Center in Lutz is the perfect place to get your body in shape, lose the weight and achieve your weight loss goals.  We collaborate with our patients to put the proper diet and lifestyle in place to make your goals attainable.  Our programs provide a comprehensive evaluation of your nutritional needs based on your history, blood test results, nutritional needs and overall health.

As a part of our weight loss program, we offer a body composition assessment, nutritional counseling, blood panel B12 injections, vitamins and other components to set you up for success on your weight loss journey and we will be with you every step of the way.  As a patient of our weight loss center you will receive:

  • Monthly follow-up visits to keep your goals on track
  • Personalized attention at every visit
  • Safe and effective weight loss management and monitoring
  • Realistic goals based on your individual needs
  • Information and support to help you keep the weight off long-term
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Fitness and Exercise counseling

The weight loss market is crowded and full of fad diet plans. It can be hard to determine which supplements are beneficial for you and which ones may do more harm than good.  Medical weight-loss centers are able to provide options for those that are serious about their weight goals.  All programs are different when it comes to the structure, intensity and length, but the programs should offer treatment plans that are evidence-based backed by solid clinical research and are closely monitored by medical doctors and professionals.

Obesity is highly associated with increased morbidity and mortality.  When someone is identified as obese, they have increased risks of developing high blood pressure, having a stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other terrible issues.  These conditions can be prevented with personalized programs that are tailored to your individual needs.  These programs will help reduce your body weight, risk for many types of issues, and change other aspects of your life.

If you need to get in shape, and need the expertise and accountability of a qualified team as you work towards your weight loss goals, you have found the right place.  We pride ourselves in our dedication to each and every patient on a personalized level and help them attain the goals set forth.  Central Pasco Weight Loss Center in Lutz is the right place to get on track with your overall health, weight loss and finding the right solutions and programs for you. Call (813) 642-7977 to get started today.

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Weight Loss Lutz FL

It seems like weight loss in Lutz is on everyone’s minds nowadays.  Everyone wants to lose weight for one reason or another but what is the real important reason? Weight loss is more than “looking good”, being able to fit into your old pair of jeans, or getting ready for bikini season.  Weight loss is more about your health and your lifespan than anything else.  Our weight affects a lot more than just our outward appearance. Our joint health, quality of sleep, immune systems and risk during surgery are also affected.

Your Joint and Bone Health

The health of your joints and bones is an important reason to lose weight and improve your movement daily.  These are some things that you can benefit from almost immediately. Your knees and elbows are affected by osteoarthritis, a joint disease that causes the loss of cartilage and gradually destroy the bones of joints. Healthy people don’t think much about this, however it is very common. Aging plays a big factor in osteoarthritis. We tend to think it is normal because everyone gets old and every old person seems to have joint problems, however osteoarthritis is a vicious cycle. Obesity increases the probability of you having osteoarthritis. You would think that it is due to the heavy weight being put on the joints and those joints decaying overtime, but there is also a relationship between excess fat tissue and inflammation. Osteoarthritis comes from the excess joint load and the inflammatory chemicals and hormonal environment having to deal with so much body fat.

Increased Sleep

Sleep apnea is what happens when you stop breathing while you are sleeping.  Fat in your airway decreases the space that allows for proper breathing while you sleep. Fat on your upper body increases the weight on your lungs and also reduces the space available for them to expand while you sleep and breathe. Sleep plays a major role in your metabolism; if you’re not sleeping well, your metabolism is at risk.

Your Immune System

With an increased body mass index, the more body fat that you have you are at a greater risk of infectious disease including gum infections, nose and sinus infection, herpes and stomach infections.  Having a large amount of fat can release large quantities of chemicals that will interfere with the body’s ability to actually stop outside infections because it builds up an immunity.

Surgery Risk

A person with a lot of body fat is  harder to intubate, is at more of a risk of an incisional hernia, has a longer operation time when surgery is performed and has a higher risk of complications after surgery. Surgery on obese people is very risky.  Often times, heavier people need more surgeries which makes this a vicious cycle.

Some ways to reduce your risk of all of these factors is to make incremental changes. Start making changes in your daily activities and eating habits slowly to form healthy routines. It is also good to think about the actual benefits of living a healthier life.  You will have knees and joints that don’t hurt anymore, you would not be as sick, you will be able to get a good nights sleep, and be less at risk for complicated surgeries.

It is clear to see that weight loss has a lot more benefits than just looking good, fitting into your clothes and getting ready for bathing suit season.

Contact your Lutz FL weight loss specialist Dr Barbara Pacholec today to put a game plan in place to improve yourself both inside and out!

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Weight Loss Land O Lakes

Looking for weight loss in Land O Lakes? You’ve come to the right place.  Support and accountability is huge when it comes to reaching your goal, especially weight loss and we’re here to help.

Whether you are new at losing weight or a seasoned dieter and what you did before just isn’t working anymore we can understand it can be very difficult to go at it alone. By seeking professional help in your weight-loss journey and getting on a program you can increase your chances of success.  Having help and encouragement are not only going to increase your chances of losing the weight but also can help you when it comes to keeping it off. Often times people may be embarrassed about their weight loss but you can also look at it as weight management and having a coach or doctor there as your manager can help you stay on track and reach your goals.

When you are under our professional care on your weight loss journey your chances of actually losing the weight can dramatically increase.  With the experts in our office we will create a personalized plan to fit your lifestyle to make your goals more realistic than what the latest magazine says you will look like in a few short weeks. The lifestyle driven plans we create are easy to follow and actually stick to when life tends to get in the way.  We know that every person is different and will create a plan tailored to you.  We will show you how to drop the pounds but not empty your wallet.  With our customized recommendations you will still be able to dine out and grocery shop like normal and just make slight adjustments here and there.   We work alongside you as a guide to making informed changes to your choices to not only help you manage the weight loss on your own but also meet your needs nutritionally as well.

A few basic tips to help you on your weight loss journey:

  1. Drink plenty of water:  Let’s face it -we are no strangers when it comes to the heat here in Land o Lakes.  Staying hydrated is crucial.  The temperatures here make our water consumption even more crucial.  It is important to keep in mind all liquids are not the same and water is always your best source of hydration.    
  2. Fiber! – Your digestion is also a key factor in your weight loss journey.  It is important to keep your digestion regulated with high-quality choices in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Oats, barley, fruits and veggies, breads, cereals and pasta are all great sources of fiber.
  3. Eat Breakfast –  Breakfast one of the most important meals of the day.  It is important not to go too long without eating.  Doing so could effect your metabolism and and create a hunger that will throw achieving your goals off course.  

Weight loss isn’t just about self image; it is also about reducing your chances of more serious issues such as heart disease, diabetes and other physical health problems. We often don’t think about the psychological problems that many of us face when it comes to the reason why we don’t lose weight. For more information, schedule your appointment today with the top weight loss specialists in Land O Lakes – (813) 642-7977

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Weight Loss Lutz

It seems that everywhere you turn nowadays, someone somewhere is looking for a weight loss solution.  When looking for weight loss in Lutz, there is no better place to turn than Central Pasco Weight Loss Center.  There are so many diets and fads out there there is often a lot of confusion leaving the consumer lost in the middle of their local grocery store not sure where to turn so they give up or just do what their friends are doing for weight loss.  This is not how our body works.  A diet or nutritional plan is NOT “one size fits all” .  We hear of people trying Paleo, Atkins, Gluten Free etc. however one thing that is for sure if one person will try it many will follow .  One of the latest crazes to lose weight is smoothies and I won’t disagree, they are a good option for weight loss, but why?

Green smoothies are a great option.  These delicious nutrition packed treats are very wholesome in vitamins and minerals.  You get important antioxidants, polyphenols and many more key nutrients in smoothies if made correctly.  One of the reasons smoothies are such a great tool for weight loss is because you control what goes in them when you make them.  They are a great low-calorie option that is able to keep you full due to being packed with nutrition.  When created with the right ingredients you are not only enjoying a tasty delight but also dropping the pounds.   

So, where do you find these delicious weight loss solutions?  There are unlimited smoothie recipes available online ranging from detox to kids favorites.  A detox smoothie is a great option for weight loss and can be made for your palette.  When creating your smoothie you can add your favorite fruits, veggies, spices and even herbs.  With so many great options and combinations there is no reason not to try this as a weight loss option.  

Having a smoothie for breakfast is a great way to start your day with a dose of nutrition and make you not want to ruin it during the day by ordering a not so healthy lunch or indulging in those tempting office snacks your new client brought in.  Though these green smoothies in the morning are not a magical cure they are a way to replace a calorie-packed  meal that would have been less than beneficial to your weight loss goal.  It is imperative that you focus on nutrient-dense, low-calorie ingredients. Leafy greens are a great option.   It is also important to limit your ingredients that are loaded with calories such as starches and fruits.  Though they are packed full of nutrition they will increase the calorie count in your smoothie,

Smoothies are great for weight loss and also can serve a number of other issues ranging from constipation to fighting the signs of aging, promote healthy hair and skin, and even improve your sleep.

So ask us about how smoothies can accelerate your weight loss when you come in for your appointment at Central Pasco Weight Loss Center – located on State Road 54 here in Lutz.

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