For Weight Loss, Holiday Dieters See Success With Personal Positivity

CENTRALPASCO1203There’s an old cliche that “attitude is everything,” and it’s true nowhere more profoundly than in weight loss. When they first set out to lose weight, Holiday clients tell us they had a sense that if only they could change their diet and exercise in ways they liked better, they’d have more success. In other words, they wanted to hear that it was possible to find foods and exercise routines that they enjoyed, rather than finding ways to change what they found enjoyable.

This intransigence — the belief that the world must change around you, rather than you changing for the world — is centered in a belief that pleasure and positivity only comes from outside yourself. But the common thread we’ve found among people who have successfully lost weight in our programs is that they’ve found ways to be more flexible, to find new ways to create happiness while entering a weight loss plan.

It’s not just hocus-pocus, either; the ability to change your own attitude and maintain positive thinking in the face of situations (such as a new diet plan) that might otherwise have made you feel upset has been cited in numerous studies as a contributing factor to success in many endeavors, not just weight loss. Maintaining a level of personal positivity is not just helpful when trying to lose weight, it’s critical; you’ve got to find positivity within yourself, rather than looking for external forces to create it for you.

For more information about getting a better attitude to lose (and keep off) more weight, and to visit the weight loss center Holiday residents recommend most to friends and family, contact us today to schedule an initial appointment and start on the road to a slimmer, healthier you!

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A Prescription Diet Plan Safety Harbor Clients Prefer: Doctor-Developed Care For Weight Loss

There are many factors that can combine to make it difficult for some people to lose and keep off weight, and not all of them are within your direct control. It’s always been the case that a properly motivated person could change their diet and exercise habits; it’s however never been possible, for example, for a person to change the way their hypothalamus gland works without medical assistance.

CENTRALPASCO1204One of the most profound benefits of a medically supervised diet Safety Harbor residents can realize is that the plan helps curb hunger even as it changes the body’s metabolism — all within a carefully crafted whole-patient plan that’s created from whole cloth for each individual patient’s unique needs and weight loss goals. Through a combination of prescription medication (which might include oral medications or injections) designed to help the body burn through fat reserves and supplemental products such as shakes, bars and vitamins, our comprehensive weight loss plans have helped our patients trim down in difficult-to-change areas — and at a significantly higher pace than even the best non-medical diet plans offer.

Will power and tenacity can only go so far, and in reality our programs build diets that every patient can stick to — with the help of prescription medications that keep away even the worse urges to divert from the program. Weight loss becomes significantly easier when your body is “programmed” not to subvert your best efforts; a prescription diet plan can be the best way for many patients to lose and keep weight off, forever.

For more information about our prescription diet plans and to speak to the professionals in weight loss Safety Harbor clients have grown to trust most, please contact us today!

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