Hormone Therapy And Weight Loss: A Powerful Tool For Men, Too


hormone-therapy-weight-loss-for-menThere has been much discussion over the years about hormone therapy and weight loss, in particular considering the numerous studies which have shown a definite, measurable link between the reduction in particular hormones in women as they age and the amount (and kind) of weight they begin to gain as a result. What is often less well-known is what effect hormone therapy can have on men — or even that men suffer a similar issue with respect to hormones and aging.

For men, the hormone in question is testosterone; testosterone levels begin to decline in most men at around the age of 40, and many begin to experience common symptoms such as getting tired more quickly, a lowered sex drive, and a general lack of energy. Recent studies have also linked a reduction in the amount of testosterone a man’s body produces with weight gain, leading many researchers to conclude hormone therapy can be a powerful way for men to regain balance of their own hormones as they age and lose weight as a result.

It’s hardly a radical idea, that improving one’s overall energy level might make one more predisposed to exercise and other physical activity that might burn more calories. But with the help of a professionally administered medical weight loss plan that incorporates hormone therapy as part of a comprehensive program, men can see more dramatic and sustained weight loss than they ever would on their own — and, with the help of a carefully crafted weight management plan, that weight can stay off for good.

The health benefits of shedding extra pounds are undisputed; if you’d like more information about how our medical weight loss programs have helped both men and women lose weight, contact us today!

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