Weight Loss Injections: Boosting the B Vitamins


B12-shotsFrom boxers to astronauts, the time-tested efficacy of injecting B-12 vitamins directly into the bloodstream, where they can be quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body, has been known for years to help patients calm down and increase their energy levels. In recent years, however, additional scientific studies have shown that while B-12 is effective, it is best when combined with other vitamins and amino acids that can form a more comprehensive program of energy improvement and weight loss.

Our clinic has had tremendous success with incorporating the rest of the B vitamins – B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, and B-6 – as well as several amino acids which are known precursors for important body processes into a solution that includes what are called the “MIC” amino acids: m for methionine, i for inositol and c for choline. Each has a part to play, and each has been clinically shown to aid and improve specific processes in the body’s metabolism that are linked to increasing energy and speeding weight loss; moreover, each are naturally occurring nutrients that could be brought into a person’s diet, albeit with dramatic and impractical changes to what and how much a person eats. The advantage of the injection is that the levels of these nutrients are reached instantly, improving a person’s health and wellbeing quickly without drastic changes in diet.

Put together, these nutrients exhibit a “synergistic” or cumulative effect that’s greater than the sum of their parts, naturally breaking down body fat, improving digestion, maintaining and rebuilding healthy cell membranes, speeding nutrient transfer within the body and improving energy, memory and general awareness. We regularly recommend comprehensive B group and MIC injections for patients who are interested in weight loss and improved energy levels; for more information about this and other procedures we offer, contact us today.

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