img-meet01About Our Programs

Individualized diet plans and approaches are discussed with each patient and can be changed at each visit depending on progress. Use of vitamin B-12, B-6 and MIC injections are discussed with each patient and are not mandatory.

Diet Plans

Ø 1000; 1200; 1400; 1600; 1800 calorie diets- balanced using your own food
Ø Low Glycemic Index Diets
Ø Very Low Calorie Diet with use of Nutrimed Products including:

Gluten free, dairy free organic protein meal replacement shakes offered.

Detoxification protocols are also available.

160 calorie protein bars with 15 gram protein/ 5 gram fiber/ net 13 grams carbs and many other nutrients and tasty products.

Ø Low carb diet plans using your own food
Ø Low carb diet plans using a combination of Nutrimed products and 1 meal a day of your own
Ø hCG programs including specific hCG diet with use of prescription sublingual hCG or Injectable hCG

(Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

Medication & Supplements

FDA approved medication’s are used alone or in combination to address the individual’s unique medical history and metabolic differences including:

Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, Didrex, Qsymia, Belviq as well as the use of Topamax, Wellbutrin, Byetta, Victoza, Metformin, and Januvia. We also have a specialized hCG hormone program. A multitude of other medications, vitamins, and minerals are also prescribed including pharmaceutical grade Xymogen and Otho-Molecular products.