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Weight Loss Tampa Bay

Central Pasco Weight Loss Center is a top weight control center run by Dr. Barbara Pacholec located in Lutz, Florida. Dr. Pacholec feels that a physician who concentrates efforts in the treatment of obesity can develop a trusting, non-judgmental relationship with patients and can achieve greater success in helping a patient become healthier and simply feel better about themselves.

What is the difference about this weight loss center?

Dr. Pacholec looks at the entire complex individual and doesn’t just prescribe appetite suppressants. Some people need more help to address their unique chemistry and metabolism. Dr. Pacholec takes the time to discuss and explain all of the following issues including: thyroid disorders, adrenal and hormone disorders, pre-diabetic, insulin resistance, depression and stress eating all of which can cause underlying issues with weight.

What You Get:

  • Individualized treatment
  • Visits are every 4 weeks
  • Monthly visits are always with the doctor
  • Weekly weigh-ins and blood pressure check at no charge (if desired)
  • Support, motivation, and accountability from staff
  • Self Esteem

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Weight Loss & Control – Lutz, FL – Central Pasco Loss Center